Brisket – lessons learned

So I cooked my first brisket today and overall I think it went really well.  Meat was tender and had a good smoke ring.  There was a good smoke flavor but it was not overpowering.  

A few things I learned:

  1. Don’t get a big brisket – the one I got was 17lbs.  I was really worried about that size.   I feel like I over cooked it a bit.  The flat was a little dry and the bottom was tough.  
  2. Have a sharp knife – I wish I had a good, really sharp knife.  That would have allowed me to trim more fat off of the top of the brisket.  And to add to point 1, the fat.  Not sure if a lot of fat is a characteristics of bigger briskets but I felt there was a lot.
  3. The Stall – the stall got me around 174 degrees.  I didn’t think I would ever see it go up.
  4. Schedule – since I am new, I should have documented the setup better.  What I need, when I need it.  I guess I just got caught up in the process.
  5. Fire – the fire was not as bad as I thought.  I thought that I was able to keep a fairly consistent temp.  I did have some thermometer weirdness.  I bought a Tel-tru thermometer and got it installed right before my cook.  I wanted to see the difference between the two.  It was night and day.  The Tel-tru was almost 50 degrees higher than the one that came with the smoker.  It was consistent the entire cook.
  6. Slicing – this also goes back to a knife.  A good knife would make slicing so much easier.  Also, need to study the technique of how to slice a cooked brisket.

I really enjoyed cooking this today and also glad I got to share it with some folks.  I look forward to perfecting this and smoking a lot of other itemson my smoker.  Below are a few pics.  


A first shot at brisket

So I plan on cooking my first brisket this weekend.  I am really excited and nervous.  Since I started watching Aaron Franklin’s show on GPTV and then getting to eat at Franklin BBQ, I have really wanted to try my hand at smoking briskets.  The food I had at his place was unreal.  Below are a few pictures from that trip.




So, I will get my brisket this afternoon and I will start somewhere around 3 or 4 Saturday morning.  I will give a round up after it is done.  Wish me luck!

The next step…

So tomorrow my wife and I meet with DFACS on starting the Adoption process with the State of Georgia.  I am excited to get something rolling.  I feel like since we made the decision to more forward with adoption, things have stalled.  Hopefully we will be taking our classes soon and looking at Adoption.  I really dont even know a timeline.  I believe the classes with the state are around 9 weeks in length.  We are also looking into private adoption.  I am just looking to go where God takes us.

I got a reminder tonight of why I feel like God has burdened my heart.  We had dinner with a young man turning 11 tonight.  A great kid with no father.  His “father” came down this weekend to take him and his brother out for some fun.  While they did have fun, his “father” decided to split after the mother asked for some money.  Money that this guy does not pay in support of his kids.  I almost cried in the restaurant.  We have such a great opportunity to provide for a child that could be without so much.  It is not about the money or toys that this child will get.  I have come to realize that it is just about the GODLY LOVE that we can provide.  Love is so important.  It is everything.

So tomorrow is a step towards Love.  A Love that I know that God can only provide to me and then to the child that He will soon grace us with.